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Who’s the Best College Hypnotist?

Choosing the best college hypnotist is, of course, ultimately a matter of opinion, but there are some common factors that can be evaluated when trying to make a reasonable argument.  In this article, we’ll make our case for what makes a great hypnotist, and then identify which active stage hypnotists are in the running for […]

Make Your Grad Night Amazing. Get a Grad Night Hypnotist.

Graduating high school is a major milestone in life, and at many schools around the United States, there’s a celebration that follows the graduation ceremony. Some call it Project Graduation, while other’s call it a “lock-in.” The key idea is that the event is intended to give students a safe way to celebrate their graduation […]

Gay Pride Month can Save Lives. (You can help.)

It was fall in New Hampshire, my favorite time of year.  Rick walked from campus out into the woods that surrounded the university.  The leaves must have rustled beneath his feet.  The air was crisp and clear that day.  I always wonder how he could have ended his life surrounded by so much beauty.