College Hypnotist Looks Forward to “Back to School Tour”

College hypnotist does interactive shows.

If you’re a college hypnotist, bookings closely follow the school calendar. Across the United States, colleges and universities open up during the last two weeks of August and the first week of September.  I’ve had years where I’ve done eighteen shows in that twenty-one day period.  It’s busy and demanding, and a lot of fun.

The pandemic put a stop to live entertainment.  I went from doing 85 shows a year to not doing a single stage hypnosis show for fifteen months.  It was a big adjustment, and pretty stressful.  I basically wasn’t a college hypnotist anymore.

I did my best to find a silver lining and work on some other projects I had put off before, and that was good to do, but not doing any shows at all just felt weird.  I enjoy working with clients, and I even train people who want to become hypnotists, but stage hypnotism has its own special energy, its own reward.  I especially like doing shows for college audiences.  Being a college hypnotist is the coolest job I’ve ever had.

Now, there are signs that college shows are going to return.  Schools are starting to request calendar dates for the beginning of the next school year, though not as many as usual.  According to my agent, many schools are still having discussions about whether its safe to do live entertainment, or if they should continue to schedule virtual entertainment for one more semester.

Ultimately, I want schools to do what’s right for students.  College should be a safe place where students can learn and grow.  Once that safety is established, then we can look at enriching the overall experience with entertainment.  

There is something great about gathering together to share a fun experience.  I got so used to being part of that for 17 years, I took it for granted.  Now, after not being able to do it for a year, I look forward to sharing that energy with an audience again.  I’ll be happy to be a college hypnotist again.