Help Students Cultivate Resilience Growth Mindset Optimism

Students Aren’t the Problem.

We live in unprecedented times.  We face serious challenges.  Lately, those challenges have seemed so monumental that many people are starting to lose hope.

  • Young people believe the American Dream is a myth.
  • College student anxiety and depression are at all-time highs.
  • 18-22 year olds report the highest levels of loneliness of all Americans.
College student anxiety is at an all-time high.
College student anxiety is not caused purely by technology.

Technology Isn’t the Problem.

The great challenge we all face is that technology is evolving faster than we are evolving culturally.

The current generation of students are the product of that gap between technological advance and cultural lag.  The way students use technology may actually be contributing to college student anxiety.  The unprecedented access that technology gives them to, well, nearly everything, has allowed us to overlook the things that technology cannot do:

  • Access does not guarantee connection
  • Information does not guarantee wisdom
  • Awareness does not guarantee justice

Here’s the Good News

We all want to be less anxious. Despite the obvious barriers–like political division and social media--the real problem is we’re always looking for external solutions to internal problems. But real change comes from within. To conquer college anxiety, we need to understand where our fears come from and how they express themselves in everyday situations. And in this program, you’ll learn how.

“Conquering College Anxiety” is a virtual program designed to highlight the simplest, most practical ways that students can develop skills that will help them feel more empowered and capable of achieving whatever they want while they’re in college.

In this virtual presentation, Paul Ramsay brings his expertise as a former educator, the strategies of a practicing hypnotist and Strategic Intervention Coach, and the energy of a nationally touring entertainer to serve you and your people.  Paul uses Zoom and the Kahoot! app to poll the audience about specific challenges they face, and tailors his presentation toward the information he gathers so that students are getting practical applications of the core content.

Together, we can do something about college student anxiety.

Conquering college student anxiety

One Hour Format

  1. Developing Awareness: Fight, Flight, and Freeze
    1. Many people have heard about fight or flight at some point in life, but the there’s a third element of our threat response system that’s rarely discussed, and that’s “freeze.”
  2. Identify Your Primary Threat Response
          1. People rarely bridge the concept of this old mechanism in our brains to modern cultural behaviors.
    How does the fight/flight/freeze actually affect us in the modern world?

Two Hour Format

In the two-hour format, we start with the one hour presentation, and then:

  1. Explore human needs psychology.
    1. Human beings have six basic needs, and these needs drive our decision-making.  When you understand how you’re getting, or not getting, your needs met, you gain a critical new understanding of yourself.
  2. Skill Development
    1. We connect human needs to fight/flight/freeze and practice asking questions that get us out of fear mode and into resource mode.