About Paul

Paul was formally trained as a teacher.  He has a Bachelor’s in English-Teaching and a Master’s in Secondary Education.  After teaching English in a public high school for a few years, Paul decided to return to his alma mater and work as a Residence Hall Director.  He supervised a small staff of resident assistants and participated in committees to further student development initiatives on campus.

Paul developed an interest in hypnotism, and saw an opportunity to use entertainment to inspire college students in a different way.  Since 2004, Paul has toured the United States performing primarily for colleges.  He has appeared at seven NACA regional showcases as a stage hypnotist.  He has also presented numerous times at hypnotism conventions, appeared on radio, television, and podcasts.

Paul is a rare combination of educator and entertainer.  He can define learning outcomes, build curriculum, and present in a way that is highly engaging and rewarding for his audience.

Paul has been an innovator in the profession of stage hypnotism.  In 2011, he was the first stage hypnotist to use technology to create an interactive stage hypnotism experience.  His “Mind Games” show allowed the audience to vote on what they wanted to see happen on stage using remote controls.  Eventually he transitioned to the Kahoot! app, which allowed even more interaction from the audience.

Paul also self-produced the first reality series about hypnotism in 2013.  “Hypnotic” was published directly through YouTube, with mini-episodes that followed Paul’s life on the road and provided an inside look at the profession of stage hypnotism.

In 2018, before most folks had heard of Zoom, Paul was using it to interview colleagues across the profession of hypnotism and raise awareness of how hypnosis could help people.  His interview series led to him being awarded the Charles Tebbetts Award for “spreading the light of hypnotism” from the National Guild of Hypnotists.