Make Your Grad Night Amazing. Get a Grad Night Hypnotist.

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Graduating high school is a major milestone in life, and at many schools around the United States, there’s a celebration that follows the graduation ceremony. Some call it Project Graduation, while other’s call it a “lock-in.” The key idea is that the event is intended to give students a safe way to celebrate their graduation and be together for the evening.

If you’re going to commit to spending the whole night partying with your friends, it’s nice to know that there is a worthy schedule of activities that will keep you having fun and enjoying yourself all night and into the morning hours. While there are many activities to have at a high school graduation party, nothing quite compares to the fun of having a stage hypnotism show. So, why should you consider adding this activity to your graduation festivities? Let’s take a look.

What Is Stage Hypnotism?

Stage hypnotism is a form of entertainment that involves hypnotizing participants on stage for the purpose of comedic effect. During the performance, the hypnotist will suggest certain behaviors or reactions from the participants which can be humorous for those watching as well as those participating in the show.

Many people don’t understand how hypnosis really works, and the dramatic portrayals of hypnotism in movies and television can create some harmful stereotypes. Hypnosis is a natural state of focused attention that our brains are capable of. It’s not magic or voodoo, but a guided experience that hypnotists are trained to facilitate. You cannot be harmed by hypnosis, since it’s all happening naturally in your brain.

Why Should I Consider Adding This Activity To My Graduation Party?

Having a stage hypnotism show at your high school graduation party will not only be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, but it’s also one of the most unique forms of entertainment around. It’s sure to be remembered by all who attend and it will give your guests something exciting and fun to talk about after they leave.

Furthermore, since stage hypnotists use volunteers from the audience to hypnotize and build their show around, you and your friends are actively engaged in the entertainment. You ARE the entertainment!

The hypnotist uses the state of hypnosis to boost the volunteers’ creativity, turning them into characters who play a role, almost like an improv comedy troupe. Before your very eyes, the girl you sat near in physics class now thinks that she’s Beyonce, or the boy from your debate team has become a swashbuckling pirate. A stage hypnotism show at your graduation party allows you to interact with your classmates in ways that other activities simply cannot match.

You’ll be telling the stories of what happened that night for years to come. It’s this creation of lasting memories that makes a stage hypnosis show such a great thing to have at your grad night.

So if you’re looking for an entertaining way to celebrate high school graduation, why not consider hiring Paul Ramsay? Before Paul became a stage hypnotist, he was a high school English teacher, so he understands what material is appropriate for your event, and he loves interacting with students.

Since 2004, Paul has hypnotized over 30,000 people while doing stage hypnosis shows for colleges, fairs, campgrounds, corporate events, and high schools. Paul is a master hypnotist who has appeared on radio, television, and podcasts. When you hire Paul to perform for your grad event, you are getting one of the top stage hypnotists in the industry.

Not only is a stage hypnosis show sure to bring laughter and joy into everyone’s lives, but it will also provide an unforgettable experience that no one else will forget any time soon! With its unique blend of comedy and excitement, hosting a stage hypnosis show at your graduation party is sure to make it one of the most memorable events ever! So don’t wait – book yours today!