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Paul Ramsay’s Hypnosis Show, Mind Games, Facilitates College Freshman Bonding

Activities Coordinated by University Professionals Open Minds and Encourage Learning

Somersworth, NH, May 7, 2014 College entertainer and stage hypnotist Paul Ramsay travels from campus to campus across the United States during college orientation presenting his exclusive interactive stage hypnosis show called Mind Games. Orientation and Back to School Sessions Managers book Paul Ramsay’s Mind Games to create entertainment for new students, to expose students to new ideas, to create bonding experiences and to give students a positive on-campus activity.


Orientation and Back to School Sessions managers, armed with entertainment budgets are tasked with providing appropriate student entertainment for Orientation Week at the beginning of the school term, Family Weekend, Faculty Retreats, and on-going healthy weekend entertainment programs to keep students on campus. They particularly love to invite a hypnotist to the campus because they feel that most students have not been exposed to hypnotism before college.  They say that college has a responsibility to offer programming that will open minds and expose students to new ideas.  College Activities Managers especially like to bring in a hypnotist because the act draws a large crowd and acts as a bonding experience when new groups of people are thrown together in a new environment.  The students are placed outside of their comfort zone while making new friends that they might not have met had they not attended the program and students bond through a common experience.

Paul Ramsay is an easy choice for college managers because of his respectful and professional handling of the students participating in his funny, provocative show.  Managers say that Ramsay is extremely sensitive to their biggest worry about bringing a hypnotist to campus–that a student could be used in a negative way as entertainment to be laughed at rather than laughed with.  A bad or humiliating experience on the stage could make it very difficult for a new student to overcome and care in choosing a stage hypnotist is important.  Ramsay understands this and is very sensitive to the experience making sure his show is positive, enriching, entertaining, and enlightening.  This is one of the many reasons many colleges invite Paul Ramsay back to perform very year.

Orientation and Back to School Sessions Managers have unique challenges.  Their staffing issues make a demanding or disorganized entertainer difficult to accommodate so they appreciate professionalism and performers who are easy to work with.  A college manager talked about the contract of one entertainer who had so many demands that it made the budget impossible.  Even asking for a fruit plate presents a problem.  The manager said, “Now, a fruit plate does not seem like a big deal. And it is not.  Except that I am the one who has to order the fruit plate, go out and pick up the fruit plate and place it in the green room.  I do not have an assistant who goes out and does this for me.  So I have to, in the middle of the day, run out and take care of what seems like a simple request but in reality, it is a huge task because it takes up a large chunk of my day.”  Another manager talked about the difficulty with some entertainers who show up late, cannot accommodate the school’s sound or technical system, and are rude or unprofessional.  He went on to say, “I like to work with independent, self-contained performers who can come in and do a professional show without a lot of problems and make everyone happy.  Paul Ramsay shows up and makes things happen.  I don’t have to worry about special demands, his contracts come complete and on time and he delivers a great show every single time.”  

The Orientation and Back to School Managers take their jobs seriously and serve the needs of the University and the individual mission of their department. They must achieve their mission, meet the budget allowed, and strive to work with talent that is accommodating, professional, and low maintenance.  They want to book an entertainer that they don’t have to worry about.  They want an entertainer who will achieve their objectives and still entertain the students.  They want an entertainer that they can ask back again and again and who is able to deliver a fresh show each time.  Since the campus shows are entertainment, they want to be sure that the entertainment is not humiliating to any student, unsafe, or boring. This is especially true for hypnotist talent and this is a major reason that Paul Ramsay’s Mind Games is often pursued by savvy college activities managers.  They know that Paul Ramsay will show up with a great show and everyone will have fun.  Since the time-window for orientation is small, Ramsay’s schedule is booked months in advance.

College managers said that they hire Paul Ramsay Show to perform his Mind Games show as a way to give new groups a way to learn about each other and share an experience that is entertaining, educational, and fun.  The activities directors are always looking for ways to keep the students engaged in healthy activities and to keep them on campus.  Many schools have “Keep the Kids Off the Streets” programs and Ramsay’s Mind Games show fits right in.

Paul Ramsay’s Mind Games is unique.  Ramsay’s show breaks the mold of traditional stage hypnotism by letting the audience control the show with remote controls and polling software.  Ramsay likes to make the students the stars of the show.  Volunteers are hypnotized while still sitting in the audience, providing an up-close-and-personal experience for all in attendance.  The volunteer stage performers react to Ramsay’s hilarious scenarios created to have fun, draw laughter, and engage the crowd. Ramsay’s audience of media savvy college students offers tremendous opportunities for Ramsay to create new material and he changes his show frequently so that audiences will not see the same show twice.  Paul Ramsay is often invited back year after year because his unique show draws bigger crowds every time he appears.


Ramsay is known for quickly engaging the audience volunteers who readily and comically respond to his suggestions.  In one performance, a young man believes he is giving birth to a baby; a young woman believes she is Miley Cyrus giving a concert; a group of ten students believe they are auditioning for a movie and act as cowboys and vampires; one student believes he is a superhero named Donut Boy, while another is Donut Boy’s arch nemesis: Cholesterol. Paul’s first goal is for his audience to have fun.

Ramsay’s clients sing his praises.  They call Paul Ramsay “professional” and said that he “understands what we are trying to accomplish,” “is low maintenance,” “makes it work,” “entertains the crowd,” is easy to work with,” “is sensitive to the participants and wants the experience to be fun but not humiliating,” “relates well to the students,”  “students love him,”  “is easy and accommodating to work with,” “professional,”  “is comfortable around the students and understands the student culture,”  “is a crowd pleaser.  The students love him,”  “works well with all different folks,”  “is a cut above.  He is very professional and very good,”  “he understands the power of the human mind,”  “he leaves the students with a sense of wonderment,”  “he breaks the ice,” “audience participation is suggestive,” “has created a show that is unique and the kids control the show,” “engages the crowd while being sincere and humble,”  “he makes the show all about the kids, not about him,”  “is entertaining and light and the show offers an opportunity to connect,”  “brings bigger crowds every time we have him on campus,” “is an excellent talent and very down to earth.”  “Students love him.”  “We had two shows and both shows filled the venue to standing room only.”

It is important to select hypnosis shows carefully.  It is important to hire an experienced hypnotist, familiar and experienced in with collegiate audiences, that they be board certified, able to relate to the students in conversation and with entertaining content, and their references should be impeccable.  It is also important to lock in the date with popular acts during the orientation timeframe to be sure they are available.

Here is what some Paul Ramsay Mind Games clients have to say about his show:

Randy Kelly is the Program Advisor at Appalachian State University.  He said, “I like Paul Ramsay because his show works!  People love it; it’s a good show and it’s fun!  Paul is f funny, the show is interactive, the references were great, and he offers good value for the performance.  The kids really have fun.  They never feel threatened or embarrassed and Paul has great showmanship.  His show brought in significant numbers and there was an ease of communication in working with him and absolutely no hoops to jump through to make the show happen.  We had Paul perform at our most important show of orientation week and it was just so good, so special and it made the kids think.”

Dave Zamansky, Assistant Director of Memorial Union, Programs and Leadership, University of New Hampshire said, “I like Paul Ramsay because he puts on an incredible and unique show and he packs the house every time.”

Arlene Thompson, Student Activities Assistant, Saint Aselem College said, “I like Paul Ramsay because he is entertaining, cooperative, easy and accommodating to work with and there is never any drama.  There is never an issue with a Paul Ramsay show.”

Jeff Lail, Assistant Director of Student Activities, UNC Greensboro said, “I like Paul Ramsay because he really understands what we are trying to do.  He always puts on a really fun and entertaining show, he is kind to the student stage volunteers, and he is very professional.

Erin Fox, Director of Student Activities, Queen’s University said, “I like Paul Ramsay because he is professional, engaging, entertaining, self-sustaining and he cares about the kids.  It is a pleasure to work with him.  He is drama free and I couldn’t ask for an easier person to work with.  Paul’s contracts arrive on time, he shows up on time, he easily figures out our sound system, he is super polite and I know that when I hire him, I won’t have to stress out about anything.”

Jeff Smith, Salem State University said, “I like Paul Ramsay because he is extremely talented and down to earth.  We had him entertain during orientation and we had great attendance.  The show was really fresh and it represented our organization well.  Paul Ramsay is very professional, doesn’t come with a long list of demands, and he is low maintenance.  Paul really engages the audience and, at the same time, is sincere and humble.”

What Makes Paul Ramsay Different from other Stage Hypnotists?

Paul Ramsay’s show is interactive and it is the only truly interactive stage hypnotist show in the world.

In a Paul Ramsay show, everyone in the audience is involved because the students choose the direction of the show.

Paul Ramsay’s show is constantly being changed and tweaked so students will always see a new show.

Paul Ramsay’s show is “self-contained.”  The show works off of Paul’s laptop and he can work with any set up, in any performance space.

Paul Ramsay is a Board Certified Hypnotist.

Paul Ramsay is a full time stage hypnotist with 10 years of performance experience.

Paul Ramsay is focused on high school and university students.

The Paul Ramsay reality show pilot shows video of actual stage performances in high school and university settings.

Paul Ramsay’s show is fun and entertaining and everyone has a good time.  There is always a sensitive and respectful handling of volunteers who come onstage to “perform” before their peers.  The volunteers always have a great time.

Paul Ramsay is easy to work with and extremely professional.  Paul Ramsay always wants to understand the overall objectives of the organization so he can create a show that will entertain the students and still meet the overall management goals.

Institutions who hire Paul Ramsay to do a show do not have to worry about the show.  Paul Ramsay’s shows happen on time, without drama, and to great applause and appreciation by students who attend.

Paul Ramsay is very good at quickly hypnotizing his audience.

At a Paul Ramsay show, the volunteers are self selecting.  The audience is always involved because of the interactive element.  Everyone participates in a Paul Ramsay show.

About Paul Ramsay


Paul Ramsay is a board certified hypnotist in private practice and tours as a stage hypnotist.  For over 10 years, Paul Ramsay has been entertaining college and high school students as a stage hypnotist.  In 2011, Paul introduced his exclusive interactive show called Mind Games.  Paul’s private practice is dedicated to helping individuals stop negative habits such as smoking, fingernail biting, and overeating.   Ramsay’s private practice also offers customized, individual personal coaching programs to help his clients achieve their goals and maximize their potential.  For booking, contact Neon Entertainment, 716-836-6366