“I haven’t had a day since 2004 that I woke up and didn’t want to go to work.”  -Paul Ramsay

A career in hypnotism has so much to offer.  It’s a career that will keep you learning and growing, with plenty of options for specialty work.  You can develop a niche and create serious demand for your skills.
It all starts with getting proper training.

Paul Ramsay is a board certified hypnotist and a certified instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists.  He has a Master’s Degree in education, and is a former teacher.  You could not ask for a better balance of skills and experience in an instructor.  Paul knows how to develop effective instructional approaches and curriculum, and he hypnotizes over 1500 people each year.

Ramsay Media LLC operates a licensed career school in New Hampshire, offering in-person and online learning opportunities.  Head on over to www.BestHypnosisTraining.com to learn more.