“Mind Games” will be the featured stage hypnosis performance at the 2020 Heartland Hypnosis Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. “Mind Games” is the world’s first truly interactive stage hypnotism show. The audience votes on what they want to see happen on stage throughout the show through the use of a polling application on their mobile phones. Ramsay created the concept in 2010, and the show has continued to evolve since then.

“At Heartland we take pride in the fact that we offer some of the best stage hypnotists in the country as both presenters and as talent for our Friday night show” said William Mitchell, the event founder. “We asked Paul to perform because he has made a great impact in the college stage hypnosis market with his interactive show.”

The Heartland Hypnosis conference is different from many other hypnotism conferences in that it organizes its content into tracks: clinical hypnotism, stage hypnotism, spiritual or metaphysical applications of hypnotism, and the business of hypnotism. The tracks help attendees have a pre-organized learning experience, but attendees can switch between tracks if they wish.

“I’ve been developing Mind Games for a decade, now. It started out as show totally dedicated to college audiences, and now there are actually three versions of that show for college audiences, but I’ve also created a multi-generational approach to the show for broader adult audiences. Now I can go to a conference, a cruise ship, or a corporate event and put on a show that is inclusive for people from different generations. They get to vote on content options that go back as far as the 80’s while also offering content that represents what’s trending and popular right now.”

Ramsay has performed for over 150,000 people in all but five states of the U.S. When he is not touring and performing, he sees clients at a home office, and he also operates a licensed career school for hypnotists in New Hampshire.