The Days of Clucking Like a Chicken are Over.

Mind Games breaks the mold of traditional stage hypnotism by letting the audience control the show with remote controls and polling software.  Paul Ramsay makes the audience the stars of the show.  Everyone participates!  Volunteers are hypnotized while still sitting in the audience, providing an up-close-and-personal experience for all those in attendance.  The volunteer stage performers react to Ramsay’s hilarious scenarios created to be fun, draw laughter, and engage the crowd.

Ramsay is known for quickly engaging the audience volunteers who readily and hilariously respond to his suggestions.  At a Mind Games show, you could see a man believe he is giving birth to a baby, or a young woman believes she is Miley Cyrus giving a concert.  It all depends on what the audience votes for!  Ordinary people will become super heroes.  Would you rather have one  named Donut Boy or the Defibrillator?  And who should his arch-nemesis be?  Cholesterol or the Self-Esteem Assassin?

Ramsay’s audience of media savvy college students offers the entertainer tremendous opportunities to create new material and he changes his content frequently so that audiences will not see the same show twice.  Paul Ramsay is often invited back year after year because his unique show draws bigger crowds every year.  This is the cutting edge of stage hypnosis today!  If you want a hypnosis show that finally brings something different, then book Mind Games now!