What Experience Do You Want to Have?

A big part of college is having new experiences.  Whether it’s an internship, a road trip with friends, or a semester abroad, your college years are a chance to learn, grow, and experience as many things as possible.  Shouldn’t that include the entertainment on campus?

Mind Games breaks the mold of traditional stage hypnotism by letting the audience control the show by voting on what happens on stage using their own mobile phones.  Paul Ramsay makes the audience the stars of the show.  Everyone participates!  Volunteers are hypnotized while still sitting in the audience, providing an up-close-and-personal experience for all those in attendance.  The volunteer stage performers react to Ramsay’s hilarious scenarios created to be fun, draw laughter, and engage the crowd.

When you book Mind Games, you are booking one of the few acts in the college market today that lets students have an entertainment experience, rather than simply witnessing it from the audience.  Paul Ramsay is often invited back year after year because his unique show draws bigger crowds every year.  This is the cutting edge of stage hypnosis today!  If you want a hypnosis show that finally brings something different, then book Mind Games now!