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The most innovative stage hypnotism show
in America today. Period.

The days of clucking like a chicken are over. Hypnotist Paul Ramsay's "Mind Games" show breaks the mold of stage hypnotism. Using interactive polling software and remote controls, audience members steer the course of the show by voting on what they want to see happen on stage. Paul debuted "Mind Games" to colleges in the fall of 2010, and the response has been fantastic.

Paul Ramsay is a two-time graduate of the University of New Hampshire. After teaching high school English for several years, he returned to his alma mater and worked in Residential Life. Paul's experience as an educator, combined with his talents as a hypnotist, make him a perfect entertainer for the college market. He connects well with college students and understands what student affairs professionals need for appropriate entertainment.

"Mind Games" approaches stage hypnotism from a whole new angle. It's interactive, original entertainment that transforms average students into a cast of characters before your very eyes! You'll talk about what you see long after the show is over.

Mind Games
"Paul Ramsay was a great addition to our Orientation program. Paul was just good clean fun and is a professional through and through. We will definitely have him back again!"
- Sabrina Tanbara, the Juilliard School