It’s the Ultimate High School Fundraiser

Since 2004 Paul Ramsay has helped high school groups in New Hampshire and southern Maine raise over $135,000.

Here’s why Paul’s program is so special:

1.  No Up-Front Fee.
Other hypnotists charge a flat fee.  Paul splits the ticket revenue with you 50/50.  You can’t lose money!

2.  Added Incentive.
Paul caps his side of the split at $1,200.  Once you reach $2,400 gross, your group keeps 100% of the revenue beyond that point!

3.  Supporting Your Success.
You get a Planning and Promotion Guide, a press release, and 12 professionally printed posters to help you prepare for your show and market it effectively.  Paul also holds a conference call with your group to go over the process and help you properly prepare.

Other hypnotists simply don’t offer comprehensive programs like this.  Paul’s goal is to help you build a tradition at your school that lasts for years and years.  This is a fun and effective fundraiser program!