It’s the Ultimate High School Fundraiser

Since 2004 Paul Ramsay has helped high school groups in New Hampshire and southern Maine raise over $150,000.

So, to Re-Cap:

1.  No Up-Front Fee.
Other hypnotists charge a flat fee.  Paul splits the ticket revenue with you 50/50.  You can’t lose money!

2.  Added Incentive.
Paul caps his side of the split at $1,200.  Once you reach $2,400 gross, your group keeps 100% of the revenue beyond that point!

3.  Supporting Your Success.
You get a Planning and Promotion Guide, a press release, and 12 professionally printed posters to help you prepare for your show and market it effectively.  Paul also provides a webinar for your group to go over the process and help you properly prepare.

Other hypnotists simply don’t offer comprehensive programs like this.  Paul’s goal is to help you build a tradition at your school that lasts for years and years.  This is a fun and effective fundraiser program!

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