Good Companies Invest in Their People

Healthier, happier employees are more productive employees.  When people have their basic needs met, they can devote more attention to higher functioning activities.  That’s the basic argument for wellness initiatives.

Stress Management
Stress reduces the effectiveness of our immune systems.  It contributes to a host of health issues (IBS, overeating, migraines, and more).  Stress depletes cognitive functioning and makes workers more likely to make a mistake that could lead to an injury or an error that could cost your company a lot of money.
Helping your employees develop strong stress management skills is an investment that will bring great returns.  Paul Ramsay uses his knowledge of the mind, human stress responses, and behavior management tactics to help people learn to handle their stress better.

Weight Reduction
When employees join together in a weight reduction program, it can have amazing results.  People who want to lose weight have often tried to do so multiple times and failed.  They get hopeless and feel alone.  By offering them a new opportunity, one that they won’t have to go through alone, it can be just what the person needs to break out of that rut and create a new, healthier lifestyle.

Smoking Cessation