We can do something about college student anxiety.

College students have higher levels of anxiety and loneliness than any generation before them.  This generation will probably be surpassed by the next generation, because the clear trend is that anxiety and loneliness are increasing, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  We can start decreasing college student anxiety right now, and the way to do it is by taking a skill-based approach.
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A diagram of the vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve is the single longest nerve pathway in the human body.  It runs from your brain all the way down to your gut, branching out along the way so that it becomes a visceral response communication system that connects all your major organs to your central nervous system.  When you understand what the vagus nerve does, you can start applying that knowledge to manage your personal energy.

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Anxiety and loneliness are at epidemic levels

It’s the great irony of the modern world: technology can connect us instantaneously to information, resources, and people all over the planet, yet people feel more anxiety and loneliness than ever.
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The National Guild of Hypnotists awarded Paul with the Order of Braid at the 2018 convention.  Named after Dr. James Braid, who many consider to be the “father of modern hypnotism,” the Order of Braid designation “is the centerpiece of the NGH Awards System and recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication, and service.”

Paul has been a speaker at the NGH convention for many years, and he was deeply honored to be recognized with the Order of Braid.

College hypnotist does interactive shows.

I started my career as a stage hypnotist in 2004.  I was working at the University of New Hampshire as a residence hall director, and I hired a retired hypnotist to come to my hall once a year and put on a hypnotism demonstration as a fun educational program for my residents.  Each year Bob Chase would show up early, chat with me for a bit, do his demonstration, then chat with me a bit more after the students went back to their rooms. Read more

Whether it’s high school shows, college shows, corporate events, or any other kind of performance, I love sharing hypnosis with people.  The hypnotic state lets a hypnotist transform everyday people into a cast of characters.  It boosts people’s creativity, reduces their sense of limitation, and allows them to become the stars of the show.  When in hypnosis, volunteers can actually have a wide range of hallucinations that are incredible to experience first-hand, and entertaining to watch from the perspective of the audience, as well.