BSP Paul Ramsay-2

It’s About Memories

Take your after-prom or after-grad event to the next level by having a main event: a stage hypnosis show.
A hypnosis show will bring that extra something to your event, and create hilarious memories that the students will talk about years later!

Before his career in hypnotism, Paul Ramsay was a high school English teacher and a student affairs professional at the University of New Hampshire.  He connects easily with high school and college students, and understands what high schools and colleges need when it comes to clean, fun entertainment.  His commitment to putting on a great show is matched only by his desire to inspire his audiences to explore hypnosis as a way to make life better.

“I also want the students to know how hypnosis can help them later in their lives.  I want them to learn how hypnosis can engage the imagination; help them to be more creative, and also help them manage stress, sleep better, or change bad habits.  The show always satisfies the entertainment piece of the puzzle.  The additional take-away is the lasting impression of a thought provoking tool for their future.”